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21 Oct, 2015
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How to save energy at home?

There are still many households that do not take into account small habits to save energy, reflecting a decrease in the amount of the bill and reduced environmental pollution. Energy expenditure can be reduced largely thanks to the implementation of small actions, like not leaving the lights, electrical and electronic equipment when not in use.

Energy saving tips:

1. Insulate ducts air conditioning , also once you install the equipment must be checked to be low power and installed correctly. Using filters accumulate waste, so must be cleaned regularly. To maintain a reasonable consumption is recommended a temperature between 24 and 25 degrees. 2. The structure of the home is important in order to keep warm in winter and prevent it from entering the summer months. How can we do this? Isolating doors, windows, ceilings and walls as possible.. 3. It is a common mistake to leave the electrical audio or lit although its use requires no video. Always turn off the television, music and radio equipment is a very significant savings. 4. As for the light using fluorescent lamps instead of traditional incandescent bulbs is recommended. The difference is extremely remarkable, early they last up to 10 times longer and use 4 times less electricity. 5. One of the largest consumer appliances is the refrigerator or refrigerator , always in operation and requires a lot of energy. To achieve this it is necessary to make the most of the refrigerator is located away from hot spots (stoves) and that the door is firmly closed. This consumption may be up to 3 times less than normal. 6. When buying a TV we opted for the LED that represent savings of 50% -60% compared to plasma TVs. This must apply to all purchases of electronics and appliances in our home today incorporate some tags that mark the level of consumption involved. ahorrar energia hogar We hope these tips will help reduce their energy consumption at home. While riding when the network of electricity from our home, you should have experts in electrical installations and maintenance. These take into account various factors that ultimately may save you money on energy bills. Electrical Roma have extensive experience in this type of service. Request a quote by calling +34 933 389 941 or through our online form , we will offer a solution as soon as possible.

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